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Default Somebody Is Watching

Studio: Studio 2000

Somebody is Watching is about voyeurism, that urge that lurks in all of us to watch”maybe even get off on”others while they are having sex”unknown to them yet part of their activity”lost in the intensity of their scene as well your own”having it all heightened by it being forbidden. The voyeur is at once attractive and repulsive. Repulsive because the intensity of the need pushes him into obsessive behavior that step over the line. Attractive because the intensity of that need gives him the courage and cunning that others lack. Or do they? Down deep isnt everyone a voyeur? Isnt that what sex videos are all about?
Somebody is Watching takes a little different slant on voyeurism. What if the voyeur isnt some kinky, compulsive, defective character? What if he is really no different than you”or I”handsome, hot healthy, and horny? What is hes just the new guy next door trying”in his own special way”to get acquainted?
Lovers Jim Pulver (back after a four year absence) and Ty Russell share their house with friend Phil Bradley. One night Phil brings home Michael brawn. The two of them enjoy a steamy encounter on the lanai but feel they are not alone. They even find some wet evidence to support their theory. The next afternoon Jim and Ty are enjoying a loverly lovers break from the routine of things. Jim knows they are being watched. Ty is too into it all to notice. However, they both agree that the stuff running down the window pane wasnt put there by a bird. What Jim and Ty do about the situation is the rest of the story. And the orgy that ends the show is surely the best ever”it left the actors drained”it left the crew exhausted”and it will leave viewers in the same euphoric condition. Joining Phil, Michael, Ty and Jim in the cast are Bo Summers, Yan Moreau, and the very special Claude Jourdan as the mystery man.

Format: mp4

Duration: 1:10:44

Video: 720x540, AVC (H.264), 2049kbps

Audio: 91kbps

File size: 1.1 GB


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